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 Lilith GOTH.NET And Its Plans July 6, 2005 

While the news section hasn't really registered much activity in posts, things are always moving along here, so don't worry.

Forum users will have noticed that we've shuffled things around there. Certain Forum sections have been removed or condensed with other sections, and a few new ones have been added.

Several Moderators have been promoted to Administrator status, and various new people have been appointed in more localised Moderator positions in order to keep things running smoothly. In part this is also due to the fact that PreZ and I are expecting our first child around July 11.

Plans to upgrade the site with a complete code and design overhaul are still in the works, even though they ended up on hiatus after being mentioned here previously quite some time ago. Feedback can still be sent if there are things you'd like to discuss or have considered.

Other new things that are being considered with the site upgrade/overhaul include Radio and a Store, as well as other bits and pieces.

At this time we are no longer offering email or webspace accounts to new users. This measure will not affect people who already have an email or email & webspace account, and existing email account holders will still be able to upgrade their email accounts to email & webspace accounts.

 PreZ Scheduled Outage May 21, 2004 

From possibly some time Sunday 23rd or Monday the 24th, through Tuesday the 25th, GOTH.NET will be down as it will be in-transit to our new hosting company. The exact times of the outage depend primarily on when I take down the box and box it up for shipping, and when it is unpacked and put into the rack at the other end. Before the box is taken down, we will be setting up an interim 'we are moving' site, however ALL MAIL, FORUMS, USER PAGES, IRC SERVICES, ETC WILL BE UNAVAILABLE during the outage. We apologise for any inconvenience.

 PreZ Advertising on GOTH.NET May 16, 2004 

As you have probably already noticed, we have implemented advertising on the GOTH.NET site. The ads are provided by Google, and will help GOTH.NET get to the point where it can cover its own costs. We chose Google, because their technology allows them to fine-tune the advertisements to the page they will be displayed on.

We are hoping this will not only give GOTH.NET enough money to cover current costs, but also pay for a new co-location and give us enough capital to start selling GOTH.NET T-shirts and other merchandise. Please note, GOTH.NET will never force users to have advertisements on their personal sites, nor prevent them from doing so. We have tried to make the ads as unobtrusive as possible, and we hope that we've succeeded.

 Lilith Webmail 404 Apr 19, 2004 

Currently those of you trying to access the webmail will encounter a 404 page. There's a problem at the moment that PreZ will be dealing with as soon as he can. Until it's fixed the page will continue to render a 404 error. We apologise for the inconvenience, and hope to have it working by tonight (EST).

 Lilith Direct-Linking Block Apr 18, 2004 

Recently as annoyances over people direct/hot-linking main site images escalated we made it so that it is no longer possible to direct/hot-link images from the GOTH.NET site. This change should NOT affect users with GOTH.NET webspace accounts.

Direct/Hot-Linking is when someone places an image on their website, but instead of saving the image to their own webspace, they just put in the image location that points to our site. This causes an unnecessary drain on our bandwidth, bandwidth which we'd obviously like to reserve for the site's own usage, not for other people's usage.

People direct/hot-linking to images will be confronted by an obnoxious blinky flash image. This image shouldn't appear on the GOTH.NET site itself, if it does however, please let us know (and tell us where it's doing it), so we can have a look and fix it. Thank you.

 Lilith Pending Updates Nov 21, 2003 

If you've recently contacted GOTH.NET for any reason (submissions, links etc.) I'd just like to say that yes your emails have been received. I've been swamped with work recently and have been having computer issues, which have resulted a huge backlog in email to deal with. So I'm not ignoring you, and you'll get your response, or see your link up as soon as I can.

 Lilith Downtime & Connectivity Issues Nov 21, 2003 

If you've been having some problems trying to GOTH.NET the last few days, it could be because our connection has been dropping on occasion. It seems to be a problem in the phonelines, and we're having our phone company check it out. Mostly I think we can chalk it up to the hard winds and heavy rainfall in our area recently.

 Lilith GOTH.NET Upgrade Jul 22, 2003 

GOTH.NET was down earlier for a short time while PreZ installed it into a new case with a new motherboard, new cpu's and ram. This means GOTH.NET's performance should increase. This also should mean the end of a number of issues GOTH.NET was having that were largely attributable to that motherboard.

 Lilith Support GOTH.NET. Shop at Amazon! Jul 18, 2003 

We recently started an affiliation with as a way for people to support us while they go about their regular shopping. So if you shop at and would like to support GOTH.NET at the same time, please consider using our link to Amazon when you start your shopping.

 Lilith Downtime Jul 18, 2003 

GOTH.NET suffered some downtime late Thursday / early Friday (EST) due to some hardware changes. Apologies for the inconvenience!

 Lilith Update Backlog Jul 15, 2003 

Apologies for late updates and applications, once again my computer suffered technical problems which left me without my computer for a couple of weeks, and I'm behind in applications and submissions again. I hope to be up to date with things as soon as possible now that I finally have my access back. Thanks for your patience!

 Lilith Upgrades & Future Developments : Feedback Wanted! Jun 2, 2003 

First of all I want to apologise for the lack of updates over the past few months. After numerous computer problems I had very little access for well over a month, and as such am behind on things like answering email, dealing with submissions and other updates and with the webspace/email applications. I hope to remedy this as soon as possible.

Recently a new version of Ikonboard was installed. This has solved a few of the issues we were having with the previous version, but not all. PreZ is working on getting rid of as many of the kinks as he can.

Also recently installed was a new version of the Squirrelmail webclient. This also should solve a number of issues that some users were having. If you're still having problems getting into the webmail, contact PreZ and let him know the problem.

Feedback Wanted!! In the coming months I'll be learning PHP, mainly in order to be able to overhaul GOTH.NET to be PHP and database driven. If anyone has suggestions regarding additional features and changes they would like to see in the next incarnation of GOTH.NET, let me know!

 Lilith Updates Round 4 & Future Developments : Feedback Wanted! Mar 1, 2003 

The Art section has been fully updated now, this means that all submissions sent in before February 25th have been dealt with.

The Links and Community sections have both also been updated. At least 200 new links were added.

Feedback Wanted!! Now that GOTH.NET has been fully updated for the most part, it's time to embark on the next step in evolution. In the coming weeks/months I'll be teaching myself PHP, mainly in order to be able to overhaul GOTH.NET to be PHP and database driven. If anyone has suggestions regarding additional features and changes they would like to see in the next incarnation of GOTH.NET, let me know!

 Lilith Upgraded Webmail Client & Updates Round 3 Feb 22, 2003 

PreZ upgraded our version of the Web Email Client today. This should solve any issues that might have been occuring recently. If problems still persist, please contact him at and let him know.

The upgrades mean better existing features, and a whole bunch of new features. For a complete listing I refer you to PreZ's post on the Forums in which he details most of them.

Also more updates to the Art section. There are still a few more that are being worked on, and then a bunch of forthcoming link additions.

 Lilith Updates Round 2 Feb 14, 2003 

A number of updates have been added to the various Art sections. There are still quite a few Art submissions left to update, hopefully in the next week.

Happy Valentine's Day to those who acknowledge it.

 Lilith Lots and lots of updates Feb 7, 2003 

A great number of submissions have been added to the Writings section, mostly in the Poetry sub-section. We are now completely up-to-date with the Writings submissions. If your work is not up on the Writings section then this means it has been rejected, or you submitted it after we imposed a submission stop back in August, which was posted on the Writings section. Anything sent after we stopped taking submissions was automatically rejected. If your work was used, you will have been notified per email that it's up on the site.

I've enlisted the help of an editor to go through Writings submissions so that they can commence again as I'd put them on hold some months ago. This way I also have time to apply myself to a redesign of the site. There are extended and stricter guidelines about submissions listed on the Submissions Guidelines page. Please make sure you read through ALL of them before submitting your work.

I've added a Mixed Media sub-section to the Art section. Art submissions are currently being updated, and I hope to have a lot of them completed over the next week, including Link section updates.

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