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GOTH.NET Questions

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Q: I forgot my password, what do I do?
A: A: If you forget your GOTH.NET account password, you should email You will be asked to answer the password verification question that you filled out on your original application for a GOTH.NET account. If you answer the question correctly, your new password will be emailed to the email account you entered when you registered for your GOTH.NET account. If your email address has changed since this time, please notify the GOTH.NET Administration team, so we can update your email address in our records.

Please do not give your password out to ANYONE. Once you have received your new GOTH.NET password, you may then go and change it to something you will remember more easily by clicking here.

Q: How do I upload my files into my webspace account?
A: First, you will need an FTP client, such as CuteFTP, Coffeecup FTP, etc.

Once you have an FTP client, you can then login to using your own username and password with your FTP client. Note, you must use your username, NOT your email prefix.

The FTP server will automatically put you into your 'htdocs' directory. You should then just be able to start transferring your webpage from your computer to GOTH.NET, and it will go up on the web immediately.

Please note, that you should name the main or intro page for your website 'index.html' or 'index.htm'.

Q: How do I upload files into my subdomain account?
A: You will need to follow the same instructions provided for uploading into your own webspace account, with one slight alteration.

As mentioned in the previous instructions, the server will automatically put you in your 'htdocs' directory. You will need to go UP one directory into your home directory, and then go into a directory called www.[your-subdomain] Once you are in this directory, you may continue with the rest of the instructions as provided for uploading files into your webspace account.

Q: How do I find out if I'm over my disk quota?
A: Your current quota usage is available here. This includes both your current usage, and your 'hard' and 'soft' quota limits. If you are over your 'soft' quota, it will also tell you how much grace time you have left.

Q: What is a 'soft' quota, 'hard' quota, and a grace period?
A: Your 'soft' quota is the amount of disk space you may use without any warnings or alerts being sent. This should essentially be looked upon as your quota.

Your 'hard' quota is the amount of disk space you can use for a SHORT grace period. You will not be able to go over your 'hard' quota at any time.

Your grace period is the amount of time you may exceed your 'soft' quota before it is enforced (and you will no longer be able to store any more files/emails).

For example, if you have a 'soft' quota of 2mb, and a 'hard' quota of 3mb, and a grace period of 7 days. You MAY put more than 2mb worth of files onto GOTH.NET, but not more than 3mb. If you DO exceed 2mb, then you will have 7 days to remove excess files to get your usage back under 2mb, before you will not be able to store anything at all until you are under the 2mb limit again.

Q: What are the different kinds of quotas on GOTH.NET?
A: GOTH.NET has 2 kinds of quotas, your INBOX quota, and your Home Directory quota.

Your INBOX quota only applies to your INBOX email folder. No other email folders (eg. Sent, Drafts, Trash, etc) are affected by this quota. You cannot increase your INBOX quota with a GOTH.NET subscription, it will always stay the same.

Your Home Directory quota covers all files you have stored on GOTH.NET (be it for a webpage, a subdomain, etc), aswell as all email folders apart from your INBOX that you have on GOTH.NET. You may increase the amount of Home Directory storage you have by subscribing to GOTH.NET.

Q: How do I get more space on GOTH.NET?
A: GOTH.NET offers annual subscriptions at a very low cost, which will entitle you to more disk space. You can go to this page to subscribe to GOTH.NET. You can subscribe using any major credit card, a paypal account, or an international money order or US bank cheque. It is not recommended you post cash. If you send a cheque, your account will not be upgraded until the cheque has cleared. All cheques must be drawn on US banks, and all money orders must either be US money orders, or international money orders in US funds.

Please note, subscribing to GOTH.NET allows you to have more Home Directory space only (which includes mail storage for all folders EXCEPT your inbox). Your INBOX quota will remain the same (so please move emails out of your INBOX once you've read them!).

Q: My account is over quota, what can I do?
A: There are two options for you. Either you can purchase a subscription to GOTH.NET which will entitle you to more space on GOTH.NET, or you can remove some of the files or emails you have stored on GOTH.NET.

To remove files from your account (assuming you are a webspace user), simply log into GOTH.NET using your FTP client, and select which files you want to remove, and delete them. Please note, you will not be able to store any new files on GOTH.NET until you get your account under quota again.

To remove e-mails, simply log into the web-based email client GOTH.NET provides, select which emails you want to remove, and click the delete button. Remember to pay attention to which quota you are over. If you are over your INBOX quota, then you must remove emails from your inbox. If you are over your Home Directory quota then you must remove emails from one of your other folders on GOTH.NET (for example Sent, etc).

Q: Can my webspace membership expire?
A: Yes, it can. When webspace remains unused for several months after being granted to a user, we revert the account back to an email only account. If the email account remains unused for some time, and we cannot contact the user, we delete the account altogether.

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