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DarkerNet IRC Network

DarkerNet IRC Network

DarkerNet IRC Network



This is the section of GOTH.NET dedicated to chat. You can either make use of the Java webchat option or use the links provided to connect through IRC clients.

GOTH.NET fully supports the DarkerNet IRC Network, infact points directly to DarkerNet is a network set up as a place for goths, pagans, and other nonconformists to chat without being harassed by multitudes of idiots.


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DarkerNet does not allow WaReZ, Porn or hacking (either trading of it, or channels dedicated to it).

It is recommended you use an actual IRC client such as these to get onto IRC:

Once you have set up one of the above IRC clients, you can connect to the server or For more server information, please visit the DarkerNet website.


Java WebChat Client

We have a webbased Java Chat Client called DarkerIRC with which you can join us on DarkerNet. This applet was coded by Pitr who is a staff member on DarkerNet.

To use this applet you must have Java version 1.3 minimum installed on your system. If the applet does not load you do not have the required Java browser plug-in. You can download this plug-in at

Once connected to the network, you can join us on several channels which you can select from the dropdown channel menu. #darkernet is the main network channel and your first port of call should you need any help.

When on the network, please do not randomly privately message people you don't know. Many regulars on the network do not appreciate this and prefer to have conversation initiated in the channel first. Thank You.

For more information about the network, please go to the network website at

** Click Here To Load The Applet **

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